Shinjey and Ray

This is the story of Shinjey and Ray-
They pilot giant robots,
But do they get any pay?
Shinjey and Ray live with Misoto as there guardian.
Misoto loves Koejey ,but Oscah also loves him.
Shinjey lives with two girls in his home;
Sometimes, Shinjey wishes that he lived alone!
Gendo Ikari is Shinjey's dad? Nobody knows if he's good or bad!
Gendo and Misoto left the south pole!
Gendo was carrying a suitcase full of secrets that he stole!
Soon after, something big hits Antarctica and kills Misoto's dad.
She didn't talk for years, because she felt so sad!
Shinjey and Ray saved the world and defeated the bad guys,
While Oscah went mad and ran away and cried!
During this story, about eighteen monsters were killed,
And all Tokoyo-3's grave yards got filled!

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