Ship Without an Anchor

Floating aimlessly through open waters
A destination in place but no way to get there
Going around and around in circles
The ship moves with the waves, letting fate decide where it goes.

The sunny days are nice
A thick breeze awakening the sensation of reality
As the salty air cleans the residue of hardship
Peaceful and calm the ship is, as it glides against the water.

But at nighttime when the sun goes down
It is a constant struggle to keep the boat afloat.
As the harsh waves crash against its sides
Creating a vision of chaos and inviting destruction.

The serenity of the daytimes
With the constant violence of the night
The ship trudgest through.
But as the nights become longer and the days shorten
Will the boat be able to stay drifting
Or will it submerge into the darknesses of the open waters beneath.

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