I slowly awaken by hearing the offbeat sounds encompassing around
Cautiously blinking to adjust my eyes and fathom what has presented itself
Exhausted and body anguish moreover paralysis has taken its authority
The recognition of turbulence and desolation in place of familiar wealth

To my knees I ascend to have the overwhelming influx knock me anew down
Requiring the hand more than ever coveted but nonetheless seized
Heart beats and breath struggle in unison to keep me conscious
Demons of hopelessness and despair encircle as they please

The foreign residence I’ve landed is bitter and delivers tears to my hazy eyes
Heart pleading to not have to endure the inevitable face of adjustment
Drowning in visions producing fresh madness for what has vanished
The separation way too far in contempt of knowing where you were sent

Bending to gather the tiny fragments that were washed ashore, I stumble
Not enough time could take place that would authorize them to mend
Crippled and panicked I trudge because the way I came is not an option
The storm concluded but evidence of aftershock advances without end

A stain of light radiates in advance drawing me in like a moth to a flame
Squinting, the distance suspends while reaching out to draw it close
Knowing the luminous fleck will produce contentment and serenity, I shiver
The obstacles before me are raining down like daggers, motionless I pose

Circle of emotions appear and fade forcing numbness to my lunacy state
Out of darkness inhabitants are surfacing nevertheless I feel imperceptible
Quicksand at my feet demanding to drag me beneath to perish
Death is not an alternative and to my spirit that prospect is unacceptable

Critical moments knowing sometimes it punishes to feel that you are alive
Necessities will be found in order to comply with physical insistence

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