Shipwrecked or Adrift?

"After all the years, and challenges we faced,
It seems impossible that we could actually end;
thru sunshine as well as rain, we set each other's pace.
It was on you, that I could always depend.

But the mountains got higher, and the challenges too,
and one day the bottom fell out of our ship;
I tried to rescue you, to save you and help you thru,
I tried my best to help us both survive the trip.

Then you took the reins and set our course,
with logic which you seemed to think was right;
It seemed you believed in the way you endorsed,
Your choice was to go on alone, toward your own light.

Some say to be strong and don't show your need,
But isn't that what "love" is in its purest condition;
To recognize that life alone makes us bleed,
and to stand as two is always the better position.

I chose you because you moved my heart,
to dig down deep and give everything I can;
You move me to be strong and do my part,
Its always been thru you, that I am able to stand.

You want to see my strength, my drive and grit,
I can do that only when we are on solid ground;
the troubles of this life want to make us quit,
But as long as we are one, we can find our way round."

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