Shooting Star

I look around, craving a glimpse of your smile
to calm hurricanes caused by the desperation inside me
screaming languages I've never learnt.
But your eyes refuse to recognize my face.
Rather fiddles with the bruises
you stabbed into my heart.
There's a singer on the stage
singing words I want to say
I listen to him with a deaf ear
because any sound that isn't your voice, is just noise.
I watch you laughing, you're on the other side
the skyline is splitting in two,
I can see your skin glowing under the yellow lights.
Your hand hurries to the beer bottle
I wonder if your heart is rushing too?
I move away from the crowd, from the sight of you;
giving me hopes of a reconciliation.
Because I know you enough to know
the ocean would turn red before you hold my hand again.
And I spot your car going further every second
Maybe this is how you nurture your guilt
by running away,
But you were just a wounded soul falling on your world
like a shooting star, destroying it a little
in hopes of making a miracle.

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