Shooting Stars

Am I just a drowsy dreamer,
Watching the candle's reflection
Dance across the window glass?
Just a weary wanderer,
Waiting for the snow to pass
And for the sun to shine,
Counting on the impossible and
Believing in the improbable?
Crossing my fingers
And hoping for a bright future
That I won't be able to see
Unless I open my eyes,
Glued shut with fear of
Disappointment and the inevitable,
Bound to come and go and happen,
And still I try to change it,
With birthday candles
And dandelions past their prime.
And I continue to tell myself
It gets better, just make a wish
To the beams which break the darkness.
So tell me hopeful people,
Who love and live and laugh,
Are these shooting stars or jet planes
That grace the midnight sky,
'Cause I'm searching for a miracle,
As life just passes me by.

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