Shores of Vikings

The streets of this seaside village, is all I’ve ever known .
Long houses stretch the land alone,
Farmers in their fields to harvest for our feasts.
I await my husband’s return from battle with beasts, .
As Yule approaches, the weather turns cold,
I worry the stormy waters cease to be safe, for they are old.
Odin, our god, bring my love home,
Bring my friends back from where they roam.
Bring my worry to an end,
Wipe to sweat that bends around my skin.
I may pray, I may beg, however, my worry refuses to confine,
Are my uneasy thoughts seen as a crime?
I hear the children cheering happily,
Running past my cottage, yelling informally.
I realize the ripples throughout the water,
The children are off to see their fathers.
I feel a smile stretch around my face,
I run outside, I hope to be embraced.
The smell of ocean kisses the air,
They are home from their traveling affairs.
I hope to see my love once more,
As the water washes the shore.
The ship enters my view,
Alas, a cease to care,
My excitement is all I can formally bear.

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