Short Trip

Into the darkness, into the night
Drop down in size, and we'll take off in flight.
Falling into the pedals of this beautiful rose,
We land on her anther, as pollen fills our nose.

She's moist with dew from the cool night air,
The fragrance is strong, and absorbed by our hair.
We wait now for daylight, to experience the fun,
How her head lifts and unfolds in salute to the sun.

We hear the echo of water running through the stamen,
It's her heartbeat, and to this we are just laymen.
The pollen is luminous, so golden and striking,
No wonder the bees are so much to her liking.

The breeze has picked up, and now it's begun,
Vibrating her pedals, a song to be sung.
We rock and sway in a very gently way,
It's oh so soothing, I wish we could stay.

From the heat of the day, she bends away,
She's had enough drink, and caught enough ray.
With late day shadows, she closes out the light,
Holding her moisture for yet another night.

The time has come to say goodbye
A starlit sky by which to fly.
We'll jump out here coming back up in size,
What a wonderful trip, all by our mind's eyes.

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