Shot To The Heart

I can't mentally erase the first time I saw your face

It was only for one night, until my place became your place

I fell in love with your embrace and how sweet your kisses could taste

Having fun in the sunshine admiring the silhouette your muscles made

The look you gave me and the face you made after certain foods you would taste

When we became lovers and friends

I thought I found my twin flame

I thought it would never end

The way you laughed, the way the hair on your forehead swayed

The way we all smiled while we watched the boys play

Talking about how we can't wait for a break and our date tonight at 8

And a child of our own to share together one day

As my love grew for you in each and every way

Yours I could tell started to quickly fade away

I can't explain the pain inside or how many tears I've had to hide

The half of me that lived was left standing holding the half of me that died

My whole world taken by surprise

All our goals and dreams together nothing but one sided lies

Not understanding that someone could just let someone fall in love

Abandonment and a broken heart was the only prize

Praying everyday to keep you to the good Lord up above

Showed you 100% loyalty and 100% love

Kissed your butt cheeks, catered to you and gave you back rubs

Did everything I could and more to show you I truly loved you and that I was the one

Didn't know the whole time you were the one standing behind the gun.

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