Should I smile or Frown? The shadow

As I sit in the empty chair that many craved,
Wanted to occupy in the evening sun,
I am happy to watch the blazing sun fade,
The small shrub shoots push the soil up like a gun.

They sing the song of joy,
To the eyes that never cry,
And a cry that never hurts,
Just temper tantrum for attention,
And they are happy!
None know the fate befall!
In the distance, the kittens cry for milk,
As if
The world is made of milk!

They know not the fate befall!
Wallowing in the world of oblivion,
With blond mind and no vision!
Should I sing?
Sing the Sunday school rhymes in my seat?
Why did I avidly admire!
The rhythm in my mind!
Mmh...! It was ...

I have fought the bears,
And the lions,
And the cheetahs
And the elephants!
I have climbed Everest!
Dived in the triangle of Bermuda, Broken out
From the prisons of Alcatraz, embraced
The heat of the death valley of California
Survived the fall of the Niagara falls
Even bathed in the salts hell in Danakil!
But I sit!
As though the fate befall came with
The setting sun,
And the moving clock, and the
Aging days!

I sit and watch the young cry that
World is wild!
One lost a milk tooth and wanted
To curse the sun, and the other missed a meal
And wanted to slaughter the father's herd in anger.
Repose and grow young ones,
Grow the thorns to ward off birds of seeds; young bush,
Repose and grow, young lamb,
Grow horns big to bang the stray dog
One that stalks at your young one!
Repose and grow, junior,
And one day, you will sit in this very seat,
And the sight of the mirror
With the young wailing at the spilt milk
Will be a sight of wonder!

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This Poems Story

My poem features a shadow as a metaphor for the inevitable fate that awaits everyone, regardless of their age, achievements, or experiences. The shadow also represents the contrast between the innocence of youth and the wisdom of age, as well as the dark side of human nature that lurks behind the surface. I was inspired to write this poem by observing the different generations around me, and how they cope with the challenges and joys of life. I wanted to capture the feelings of nostalgia, regret, pride, and hope that come with growing older and wiser