Should We Be Given A Second Chance

So much time to makeup I almost sealed my fate
Yet I stand here feeling lost for you to love or hate

Find in me the one you've always wanted or sought
Lest ye not be the one whom I dreamed mine to over even fought

Nary another comes to mind for all in you which I truly so adored
I see in you a pure love and in love with you I have over poured

When the time comes (it will) and you finally see
The one who stays in wait no longer will be me

Far too long did I patiently wait for you as if in a sealed fate
Now the love I had for you has subsided and now becomes my plate

Must we forever be bound to those whom only cause us harm
For in this way there is no self respect and has now lost it's charm

Now if the soul that carried so much adore and love
Will there ever be solace? Ask the 'The Man ' above

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When someone has given me no other choice then it becomes the easy way