Shoulder Your Guilt

Take, take take thats all you knew.
You took so much that my things,
Flew by my eyes without notice.
Screaming wake up, open your eyes!
Shut your heart and open your eyes,
Before its too late, and nothing is left.
Gouging out pieces of my happiness,
Looking to steal every piece of peace I owned,
Using the words of my God against me.
What evil plague consumed you,
Then hungrily stole from me?
I have found respite from your needy claws,
Roughly grabbing at anything in their path.
I stood in that path to protect you, to show you love.
Yet it wasn't enough; they always wanted more.
So shoulder your guilt, and now its my turn.
My turn to take a little peace away from you.
To restore the missing puzzle pieces to their places,
That you so carelessly scattered to the wind.
My soul is weighed down with guilt, and now,
I give it to you to carry, and embed in your heart.
May it give you no rest until your knees are scarred,
Blackened from kneeling on bare floors in naked prayer.
Shoulder your guilt; I will no longer carry it for you.

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