Show of Shows

Show of Shows:

I've just been to a circus act,
Of the most amazing kind!
These colorful, tumbling acrobats,
Would surely blow your mind!
Imprisoned in a giant wheel
That turned them round and round,
They dipped and dove, to great appeal,
While never touching ground!
How DID they keep from falling,
While suspended in mid-air?
For, gravity was calling,
It was weightlessness, they shared!
Forwards! Backwards! Loop de loop!
Such death-defying thrills!
I never saw a traveling troupe,
Possess such awesome skills!
I watched for near an hour,
'Til their act was finally done,
And, applause for them, I showered,
In this Laundromat, of fun,
I opened up the dryer door,
And took out all my clothes,
For, my quarters?
Well, I had no more,
But it WAS... The Show of Shows!

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