Show You What I Know

I remember back in the day, I saw walk into my life.. You walked all free and clear, walked free of anger and strife. I said hi, you said hello. But I was yet to find out if you knew all of what I know. We hit it off from the spot! But we kept our distance. Both taken by another, but always miserable in our resistance. We'd often walked by each other, always giving that special look. A kind nod, an over the shoulder. And you read my eyes like a book. I would see you walk into the room, gazing at a shadow. I felt calm, complacent, and forthright.. Always wondering if you knew what I know. That I had feelings for you.. Always from the start. That first time I saw you, the clock in my conscious had just fell apart! Because I knew I had vowed! I had oathed! Never to leave the succubus by my side, who always took advantage of me, who always took me for a ride. I saw you that first time and I said.. "Dear God! Woah!". What is this champion of a woman who stands before me?! As I felt your oceans undertow. I already gave myself away! What have I truly done?! Did I pass up my chance to be truly happy? Did it burn up in life's sun?! Fast forward in time. You know it's been a mess. Things with that tomb of a wife fell apart.. Who would have guessed? Did I feel sorry for it all? There was a time, as I've always said. I loved that woman I married. But it ran its course and I made my bed. But look at me now! Reborn and no I haven't forgotten. That queen of a woman who walked up and showed me that my first choice had always been rotten.
I am back now, 100 pounds lighter. Been courageous enough to ask " What if I had a chance to just ignite her?!" I always kept her in my life, but I'm still a coward this is so. I still haven't told her how I truly feel.. "Just give me a chance, to show you what I know!". I can see a future you don't think possible for yourself. Something you would only dream, something I yearn to give you, a new life in my heart.. My own fairytale that can bleed. I'd lift you onto the highest shelf! The highest height! Heavens closer than you. So high but still reachable, so close but passed the blue! You'd touch the stars! You'd kiss the moon! My arms could reach the highest height! And our love would fill the room! I wish I had the guts to tell you, but it would probably scare you away. But that's just the coward in me, that's why I'd never say. I fell in love with you years ago! But I never had the heart.. To tell you the truth, for my wish of us.. To be just you and me.. Till death do us part.

--Jeffrey Moorman

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