Shrill Silence

The sickly sweet smell of excess male perfume
The strong rotten smell of drunken breath
Assault her senses, a brutal assault
He comes closer
She's suffering from her monthly cycle
She's tired from the hard labour
She shakes her head no, it goes unnoticed
He comes closer
It is unravelling
She starts chanting "No, no, no!"
Deaf ears are oblivious
The back of her knees hit the bed
He comes closer.
She screams, "No!"
But the hand is strong, too strong
The scream is muffled, the tears are free
A few bangles break, the shards twisting into her heart
He comes closer.
She's lying on her father's lap
She's reading his very first love letter
"I'll never let any pain touch you."
The thread breaks
The weak thread of love and trust
He comes closer.

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