Sick Twisted Love!

She was a angel I told her
Disbelief she had
Her thoughts were dark
Her previous constantly barked
Like a raged pit intruding on an intruder
The fright in her eyes like she seen Mr Kruger
She deserved so much better
Made a plan for a SWeet escape
From all the misery
Somewhere her heart could beat at peace
Her mind lay so free
Kisses being spoilt in her birthday suit
Her beauty so rare always got to stop and stare
To her man this wasn't fare
But this was nothing I should care
But on the day of our escape
He came so drunk with a bottle of whisky
And his protecting armour
He screamed "if you leave that's the end"
She didn't hesitate no notice kept moving like he was a ghost
Just a lost soul played it so foul
He pulled the trigger and a sudden silence broke out
Went silent dead like her last breath.
Then he point it ap firm to his head
Second blast and he dropped like a snow flake
Couldn't let them be so I picked the revolver
Her love was contagious we layed like zombies.

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