Sick to my stomach I'm in pain.
All I want to do is curl up in a ball and drown in my vain.
Cause all I feel is a drain
There's nothing but voices in my brain.
If only I could fly away on a plane
I could maybe find some sort of chain
That could keep me from the insane
But I'm not that I'm just high on Novocain
Ha it's just a joke because really I'm more like a hurricane
That can't regain,
What used to be ordain
Instead life seems to be such a migraine
But don't tell cause then you'd just have to explain
How you feel the constrain
Or better said the detain
On the domain
Of which the humane
Lay to rest after the once of cocaine
And the bloodstain
That is just in reach of the champagne
But just south of what I could obtain
A bottomless pit of propane
That fueled the fire of that remain
Of a unmarked tear stain
Don't give up yet because your just here to entertain.

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