Your radiant energy beamed upon my path
Which illuminated the darkness that had misguided me
You took it away the darkness, liberated now free from form
Its reminiscence no longer felt but restored
Invigorated by your magnetic external influence
I now may pursue my course allotted by destiny's implication
Eyes blinded by intense boldness
liberated by your radiant sweltering rays
They touch my skin and restore my soul
Eliminating the past and condemning the old
Emitting heat to keep me warm full of hope to guide me home
You are my compass my living tour guide
Lead me now don't let me fall astray
For if the sun goes down and night falls
I'm not sure I will find my way
Oh radiant energy be my always and ill be your forever
Eternity awaits our arrival
Dont let go of this kinetic correlation amongst us
Allow it to grow to manifest trust my final word this bequest
I love you may we never grow to comfortable to feel
May our souls be enriched with the life that we share
May we express ourselves in order to live a life fee from death
I once was a corpse I lived to die you gave me freedom from death
A life without worry a warm translucent love
You are my sun my radiant light

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