Side By Side Poem.

Side By Side Poem.
You’re the beauty queen You’re the angel of my life that I have seen you’re the key to my heart that makes it complete……….. Come on girl I’ll hold your hand and walk with you side by side…..I’ll be honest when your leave even for the little amount of time I start to cry some tears but don’t worry babe I always turn my frown up like the tips of a crown….. Are love holds us true to each other don’t worry baby not even the devil sins of hell can scare me I will always be here for you to hold you comfort you and for ever and ever to protect you………. The fellas call me R.B the girls call me Rory But no need to trip baby you and I can make a new chapter re- write and make our own story……. I know you have been through the hard of times and I have seen the evil at times but don’t worry babe just with a little believe in faith the lord will let our love shine no need for the time it’s for ever and ever….. This is our love I’ll call it side by side….

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