Side Effects

I scrambled through the medicine cabinet
in search of a pill for my headache.
The bottle gave warning of tremors and chills
and soon enough I started to shake.

To cease the shaking I dug around more
and found some tablets to pop.
This time the effects foretold mood swings
I would do anything to make it stop.

As I swallowed this round and hoped for the best
my mood sure enough took a 180.
I knew I had some stabilizers somewhere
but last time they just made me hazy.

With my better judgment I found a sleeping pill
I was desperate by now and took five.
The label read "may cause death" but they had to say that
there's no reason I wouldn't survive.

I realized the medicine intake gone to far
my headache should have just been slept on.
It was too late now as I fell dead to the floor
but at least my headache was gone.

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