Waiting is the only thing I've ever known to do;
Watching was the only thing I knew I could do.
Learning is still not so clear,
And with that I have shed many tears.
I might be young, but I am not blind.
I might be small, but I am undefined.
I see the rivals on the field, pushing and shoving-
Want and hate, happiness and love.
The crimes, the lies, the cheats, the defeats.
But this is a game of chance,
A game of solace and romance,
This is the game of pain and sorrow.
This is the game of not knowing what will happen tomorrow.
If you play your cards right,
You just might win your freedom of plight.
Starting something must lead somewhere-
Whether good or bad, happy or sad,
I can't sit around waiting for my life to start.
I'm leaving the sidelines,
I'll enter the park;
let the games begin,
I'm coming out of the dark.

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This Poems Story

The written word has always brought out the best in me, inspiring me to move forward with my head held high. There came a point not too long ago where I wanted to bring out the best in others through my writing. I live as extravagantly as possible; simplicity is quite boring, in my opinion. You must enjoy and embrace the present. I hope my writing inspires many, as many poems have inspired me. Many forget that life is not a race, but a journey.