SIDE 1: I'll get you out of this dirt
I'll get you out of your hell
colors will fill your eyes
you will forget
you will not mend
you will recover.

Hold on to me, so that I can help you
Trust me, so that I will protect you
Open up to me, so that I can listen to you
and give you the answers!

SIDE 2: I don't want to
I'm not used to
let me lay down here
I'll wait for it to stop.

I've been searching for you
I've been dreaming of you
Your not coming,smashed my heart.

Now it's too late
I can't stand it
I will wait for it to stop.

SIDE 1: Oh you are blind
Oh you are stubborn
You want nothing to unwind
then,you'll awlays hit the wall.

Sad sitting on your cell
Relying on an end
Mourning for your sorrows
You will carry on the crying tomorrow.

Listen to me
Follow me
Now I am here
It's never too late!!!

You can crave for a change,try,it will come
face your inner enemies,create your sunshine,
it will be done.

Come with me, I'm shouting at you
Will you hold on to me? I'm asking you.
Listen to me, follow me
it isn't near
But you won't remember this place anymore!!!

SIDE 2: Go away
I will not come
Now everything is done
these will haunt my soul
and preserve me in this prison
My shadows love this reason.

I'm not listening to you
I'm not staring at you
You are just a small light in my nightmares.
Now...I'm saying goodbye to you...

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This Poems Story

A discussion between the two sides which are found in our soul. The one that wants to make changes and improve things and the other one that just wants to sit down and let things be as they are now.