Sigh of Relief

Sigh of Relief
by Coleman Sonefeld

A shallow voice, whispered and thin
Faithless warmth beneath the skin
Some distant grace, so far away
But I taste remains of yesterday
I toil and sweat, bleed and strive
Won’t you make me feel alive?
Renew a feeling long since faded
So I may live a bit less jaded

One day this you will awake
Just to seal your own sad fate

The blackened sun comes creeping in
Familiar hue of rotten sin
A shade of light forever worn
Like glasses by the weak and torn
Though they stood greatly in their day
Their skin thins now like ashes grey
Pride came and took their souls to keep
Forlorn and lost, these souls now weep

One day a new hope will arise
And burn like fire in our eyes
We bear the scars of battles past
And days our eyes would mimic glass
An empty, dazed, transparency
A shallow shell of what could be

The days of hunger, fear, and thirst
Have led me back to what came first
A long lost peace I’ve come to find
That I had exiled from my mind
A peace I hope is here to stay
Fear and self loathing have slipped away.

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