Sigma Kappa Vegetable

Looking around it was a little intimidating, so many of them
From celery sticks to carrots, they were all there judging
Spiting from their mighty shelves of refrigeration
One glance, they knew I wasn't one of them
If you're not a member of their tribe, don't try to become one
But in all honesty, who is really fond of vegetables anyhow?
Aren't they just a suggestion for a better statistical outcome
like soup when you're sick?
Nobody likes soup
but in order to survive we must drink from the poison
And the juvenile consortium pressuring you to associate
with the premium choice
The Fabaceae and their gastric destruction
Don't choose cucurbit
with a reputation of hard rinds
No, the best are the Chenopodiaceae, reveling in their iron
Nobody understands their names yet they keep them
Take the place of an infant
who spouts words without knowing meaning
Until they finally plunge into the real world of produce aisles
Fermenting among other vegetation and understand
It no longer matters if you are a Fabaceae or a cucurbit
Unconventionality is what gets you sold in the farmers market
I'm the reddest tomato in the aisle amongst a sea of green
But I don't care, I've always been happier being a "real" fruit
than a "fake" vegetable

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Writing has always been a part of me, one way or another. I remember in grade school I used to write one-page short stories and lend them out as if I owned a personal library. Then I upgraded to a notebook, writing longer stories about horror and fiction. I let go of all that, thinking it was a pipe dream. Today, I am a published author. To all my friends and family I cannot put into words how grateful I am for all of you who support me and all of my dreams. I'll never stop pushing the limits.