Sign of Our Times

It is the racing of the heart
It's beat rapid and throbbing
Spasms reflect our mortal misery
The pulsation bears no color
It exists in an echo of ache
A marathon of people pitted
Sorrow ending with each clash
A human course in need of revision
Anguish for the insanity witnessed
One people, One country in pain
Orbital globes mirroring the sadness
Death keeps marching with humanity lost
Epidemic of hatred and malice spawned
The abomination and contempt must end
Where there is hatred, let there be love
Let bitterness and animosity transpire
Let hostility and alienation expire
A prayer of bereavement for all we lost
Euthanize our current path, revitalize the kindred soul
Let a community of caring materialize
Let healing hearts open chambers of forgiveness
We are good, we are worthy, here at this table
Let the racing of the heart be the beat of unity
Let our children inherit only peace
What legacy do we seek to leave behind?

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