Sign of the Times

By Da Poet   

Just one man’s opinion may not count for very much,
but I must spout my logic and reasoning as such.
I don’t wish to alarm you are give you the blues,
however, I have some crucial and pertinent news.

The after thought we never thought about,
in hind sight perhaps farfetched,
has crept into existence through a clandestine breach,
defying the masses we need overwhelming reach.

Some never thought it possible for a man to walk on the moon,
but much to our surprise that happened all to soon.
Now as a result of this stranger phenomena has taken place,
it may have taken a few years, but look at our altered states.

The ozone layer dissipating starting to disappear,
thus creating global warming something we all should fear.
Man made disasters such as oil spills in the drink,
the depletion of water resources moving faster then we think.

Major American corporations departing U. S. soil,
headed to foreign countries we won the war, but look at the oil?
Gas prices rose to an all time high,
it receded a little bit now their back to running wild.

An outbreak of new diseases even some old one’s coming back,
we need to get control of this our way of life is under attack.
Government officials elected to do what’s right,
did you know big brothers listening and watching us via satellite,
both day and night?

They want to take our guns away,
my GOD do they think we’re fools?
We can see it a mile ways off,
the Constitution no longer rules.

Pray for our nation,
pray for our leaders,
in hopes they get a grip,
this mess is about to hit the fan,
just wanted to give you a heads up,
just wanted to leave you a tip.


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