Been on this Road close to 10 long years
Miss my family and friends and nice cold beer
Is this the man my parents pictured I"d be

We"ve all made mistakes but the secrets to learn
seems I made more on each coming turn
No bars around me but a prisoner I'd be

Guess you could say things arnt going my way
Not one for Church now I prey everyday
Funny how getting messed up aint even free.

When you see the signs don't pull down the blinds
Someone close to you is at the end of their line
Step up to the plate or they"ll set themselves free

Another look in the mirror things keep getting clearer
The answer to there problems gets nearer and nearer
Can my family and friends no longer see

Rock bottoms not the answer cause Im already there
The pain you cause others you can no longer bear
Hurting others is a life not meant for me

All the places I use to go no hellos or good byes
What good is a man that only attracts flies
My decision didn't need no Harvard degree


When you see the signs don't stand there in line
They"ve run out of options in their troubled mind
Chains made of darkness only they can see

At the funeral you'll say how much they'll be missed
There change in behavior you all just dismissed
In your hearts was his salvation and you all had a key

Michael J.MacDonald(writer)

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This Poems Story

Addiction is often ignored.Intervention is a choice and many choose to look the other way.The changes in both appearance,behavior and they no longer show up at any family or friends outings.