Signs of Suicide

Being a loner has it's ups
I mean no one looks at you
There isn't any drama
And your best friend is yourself
Doesn't that sound great?
But it's not
Being alone
Crying almost every night
No one to be there for you
That feeling of being numb takes over
It consumes each and every part of you
The feeling of hate showing people you don't need anything!
That your fine your love life this way
But on the inside you are dead..
The people that see the truth do they help? No
They just use you up and throw you to the side
They beat you
They burn you
They cut you
They remind you again and again
You are nothing
You are a piece of body
You have no place
Just die... die... die!
...It's better that way you tell yourself
You end your life, with no one caring
Everyone forgets you and your dead...

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