Sijuea Naltigo Origin

This berserk blonde last out the bronze star formed.
Her eyes drip into red form sky the pale of the moonlight shines
her bright distant skin light.
It's to my eyes born into dread with abilities undecided not know.
It could slice come through from the pores abnormal
of her skin with a thin body build.

It's the natural actually which she can retain through an
athletic appeal vampire act attraction still.
She is one with those fangs begun her father Ridasin Mayorsuer
and her mother Litsadiu Harkin raised name.
Then Sijuea Sytra Naltigo was poor settlers her parents were
in a small village called Dkrakiv Torrem.

On the planet Sanitoriam it's her origin as a little girl she was timid
quiet and enjoyed being outdoors.
While practicing claw fang bite like attacks in combination with speed she does well.
When she was alone strong she would become
unknown in her quest. This is outside of Dkrakiv village.
Her being the only child this female embarks far until she is later an adult. Sijuea had met with a vampire merchant named Boradin.

It was with him plenty of times before money in exchange
for a werewolf's teeth. However, Boradin tricked her violently grabbing
her by the neck biting shaking her.
While on the ground she bleeding profusely he takes her
money and runs off in the alley into the night.
While Sijuea faints out of sight struggling to rise to awake the next day.

The sonar shines on her face, waking up standing to her feet in
disbelief slowly begins with grace.
The memories break shade reddish orange trying to remember
what took place.

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This Poems Story

The origin of Sijuea poem/short story.