Blackness, silence, devoid of any
Senses sensing, like once so many.
No measured time, no up or down
Is there anyone else around?
No pain, no body, no fear or hope.
Yet I'm aware and have to cope.
That this is mine and forever,
No time or span or need to measure.
Memories alone are my whole being.
Birth to death and after seeing
A bright place, amazing light
A magistrate of great might.
Who flashed before me my whole life.
My works, my loss, my wins and wife.
When I passed, the story ending.
In his hand a book ascending
Never did he need to look.
I was not written in the book.
The last thing said, I ever heard
Or ever shale, the last word.
I do not know you, go away.
So I'm here, nowhere, to stay.
If seven words I lived to pray
Forgive and save me lord today,

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