The night was still -
And the air was empty in my lungs, and the silence of the night had sung; that, in fact, I drifted.

The silence of the night has sung
Truth in my covered ears.
And now I find, I wish to wander
Where the sound can't reach me

The night was silent
And I forced the air into my aching lungs
Because the air was far too empty, to empty to be my own

Was it an impossibility that the world should crumble?
Or a sin that I wished it so?

And if it all did fall and overtake me
I should wish that I had words worthy of such finality.
Because I am not an eloquent girl, nor one of great thrill, and I am averse to the permanent

The wall stares at me that way, as if it knows the thoughts in my head
It pulls me into its silence, and I feel madness for every word not said

And I wonder if the world will look fondly on me, in its judgement,
When I fall silent too.

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