I chose silence instead of words
And won so many battles afterwards
Silence strikes harder than a sword
Scars the soul... pain lasts so long
I chose silence instead of life
Delved into darkness and left your side
The sound of breath was just too loud
Peace and quiet awaited in the ground
Look at me... human turned to ghost
Erased from the memory of most
My story will remain untold
A grave of stone instead of gold
I wish to say sorry for my mistake
That's not the choice i ought to have made
I should have shouted at the top of my lungs
Instead of biting my tongue
'Cause life is too precious to let go
Yet i didn't try harder to make it count
Now there's nothing to call my own
Never again will i come back home
I'm just a weightless leaf caught in a whirl
Following the lead of merciless wind...

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