So many words that never left- a mouth that was sown shut.
Never experienced a smile, a laugh; a scrape, a bruise, a cut.
Her voice silenced from within, before she even came.
Cut out from this reckless world before she even had a name.
No one ever cared for her enough to save her life,
No one ever had the chance, they say it’s mother’s right.
The only one who’s supposed to care, to teach you how to learn,
Snuffed the light inside you before the candle ever burned.
You say, “Thou shalt not murder”, but what should we call this?
A baby’s cry of life’s a thing she’ll never have to miss.
Another tears will fall from His eyes for every child killed,
She- who never cried tears of her own will be forever filled-
With the hope of God, because there’s always hope in Him,
Don’t give her up, invite her in, her light’s not yours to dim.

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