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They want me silenced
Before I even utter a word
They say I inspire violence
From degrees first to third.

So I put a finger to my lips
And let my third eye speak
Armed with knowledge not clips
And support from the weak

Those that be call us sheeps
Our opinions don’t matter
Yet we sew what they reap
Thus their pockets get fatter

If we speak on such things
We’re labeled “threats” to society
They want us mere puppets with strings
Going along very quietly

But the truth must be heard
I refuse to be on mute
We’ll trample on like a herd
Not caring what they refute.

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    This Poems Story

    This poem was inspired by the media only broadcasting news that fits whatever agenda they are pushing out at that time, while all the real important matters of the world are suppressed by all means. So I wrote this to encourage people to stay at it, keep speaking out about their views and never give in.