What lonely silence do I hear…?
The tick, tick, ticking of the clock
It’s rhythmic pattern a kind of torture
That time is growing older
And so am I

Never thought I’d be here alone…
Listening to the walls
Recapitulate the echo of distant memories
Sounds of happy times
Once mine

Tick, tick, tick
I hear my children’s laughter
Their shouts of joy
Little feet chasing little feet
Sounds of love

Tick, tick, tick
I remember skinned knees and sunburns
Sledding and hot cocoa
Warming little toes by the fire
Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny

Tick, tick, tick
Grandparents who were always close by
Someone by my side to grow old with
Plans for family and future
Promises of forever

All gone yet I am here
Babies grow
Starting their own lives
Death does do us part
Tick, tick, tick

Can you hear me?
Do you see me?
Was that my purpose?
To love and lose?
And never love again?

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