I hear silence
Nothing more
And if there was anything less, I'd go insane
Just silence
I don't know what to do
I try to listen for
I hear nothing
Just silence
Surrounding me like invisible, quiet flames
There's no sound
But it still hurts just as bad as fire
I just want to hear something
I don't care what
I just want the world to know I'm here
I'm here...
I'm here...
I know you hear me.
Why don't I hear you!?
What did I do wrong!?
Just say.
I just want to know I'm not alone
In this vast, cold, and dark place
Bring me light
Bring me warmth
Bring me sound...
I don't like the silence
I don't like it at all
I hate the silence
Why is it surrounding me?
Doesn't it have someone else to attack?
I want to feel important
I want to feel needed
I want to feel loved
Silence takes all of that away from me
The deadliest thing that isn't even there.

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This Poems Story

It tells about the new to be loved and the need for companionship.