Silence [April 26, 2015]

Shrouded and quiet
He stands in silence
He searches for nothing
For he knows no one

Dark and cold, All alone
All he’s known, silent darkness
He doesn’t move, never lingers
Here he stands, in the silence

Like a statue of marble
Carved with beauty
He doesn’t crave, never wonders
How it feels to love another

He doesn’t think, he doesn’t eat
He doesn’t take or try to keep
He doesn’t steal, he doesn’t feel
Trapped inside, without pride
He never lives, never dies

A shadow paints itself among darkness
And the statue creaks in the silence
The stone cracks and trembles
As the figure of light draws near
Deep within he can hear

He hears the voice, he hears the birds
He hears the water, and how it roars
He hears the wind, he hears the storm
He breaks the silence and can’t take anymore

The silence his home, now destroyed
He opens his eyes and focuses his mind
He sees death for he is no longer blind
He looks upon the shadow and feels its design

As he moves, the statue crumbles
He reaches out and trembles
He feels fear and doesn’t know why
He lets out a cry in the night sky

She moves into the light and gazes into his eyes
He moves towards her in his disguise
She sees through the mask and wonders
He sees her shadow and feels the thunder

The silence is broken, the statue has crumbled
The Darkness is torn, the ground is ripped asunder
Silent and frozen, dark and cold
Together they forge the land and mold
Their own perfect world
In the silence

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