Silence Before the Storm

No one could hear that sound.
The eerie sound of nothing, no one,
for all was a sea of laughter, with waves of glee.
Golden smiles like the sun shining down with no
sign of tears rolling in or screams from above;
That was painted in our minds.

Your eyes saw this and much more.
Hearing the same waves crashing and birds singing,
The smell of pure hearts like salt in the air
lingering, distorting the truth that was all too known.
You could read the pages of each bird's fate clearly
without their eyes glances to aid.

Your face was a ghost in gold.
A fake smile shining, shielding the fact that
These birds would soon drown, the water burning
them in their glee and revealing their true hatred.
Your fate was a matching pair, you could hear the sound
of nothing, fate's voice.

You enjoy the lies amongst the people
that all will be well once this party dies, fades
and laugh you remaining minutes away.
Your eyes, your topaz stones shine despite the fact
that you know what the calls of birds represent.
The Silence Before The Storm.

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