Silence Is Deafening

An awful void,
so loud and piercing.

Stealing the laughter from the heart,
harshly slashing all hopes and dreams for the future.

Memories seep from my mind like blood oozing from a weeping wound,
it just will not heal.

The nights seem silent but are actually roaring,
hitting my head,

rapid beats and booms,
loud but silent, relentless, painful, forever.

Maybe I cannot accept the life that is now mine;
Screams echo and tears burst forth flooding the house.

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust,
like porcelain, cold to the touch.

Heartbeat so loud, the thump still in tune with my pulse,
my mind, screaming while my throat holds the lump.

Unprepared, unsuspecting,
victims of the deafening silence--

Death is sneaky, death is snide,
stealing one more too soon.

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This Poems Story

Growing up I always saw my mother scribbling on whatever was available. I discovered she was writing quick poems. This was her outlet and quickly became mine. My poems started out funny and light-hearted; I had never experienced real pain or tragedy. When I was fifteen my eleven-year-old brother passed away unexpectedly. This is when my poems changed and writing pushed me through the grieving process. I dedicate this poem to my beloved brother, Jacob Matthew Hosli, because without him I would not be the writer I am today.