Silence Me Not!

I feel defeated
Public scrutiny the enemy of expression
My ideas are stifled, I’m considered conceited
Words once written with pride, now caged with repression

Loquacious, wordy, cryptic,
my poems labeled these and more
While Shakespeare carved a new language through the thicket,
I must swallow my words, oh! But how I long to explore

Is it because we are afraid to think?
Abstractions, profound metaphors, why do they remain buried in the past?
Poets are artists! Painting different strokes with same ink
Let me be like Picasso, like Dali, originality unsurpassed

For these are my words,
cherry picked from seas of millions
Let them be boisterous, baffling, absurd ,
for i am not scared to be free with them!

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"Art immunizes free thinkers against the pressures of conformity"