Silence That Echoed

"Silence That Echoed "

Being silent without a sound,
As I write the words from where there found.
Cradled bound lost in page,
Storms grow dark as they rage.
Echoes the vast array of light,
Where will you be when given sight.
Follow close so not to disturb,
The silence of what you never heard.
I've seen the miles standing alone,
Is it just me or do I belong.
Question not the words you see,
I am the truth or do you believe.
I will reach out to you and give you a hand,
Silence will echo across the land.
Be still within your mind,
As silence is never far behind.
Will you stay close to me,
As we embrace the feeling we see.
Silence is always within our thoughts,
Watching for the ones to be taught.
I've seen it before through the years,
With the silence there's a tear.
Whispering the words of wisdom to share,
Echoed the silence of things to care.
Be still within your mind,
Be not far or behind.
Silence will follow within your dreams,
Will you be scared or will you scream.
I seen a vision and so it was clear,
Silence is nothing really to fear.
Be still and listen really well,
The silence you breathe is very real.
I'm within the walls as time grows close,
The silence is thick like seeing a ghost.
Hold onto the visions at hand,
As the silence spreads across the land.
We are the ones who seek the truth,
Like in time back in our youth.
Silence will never go unheard,
With thoughts in your mind to disturbed.
Render your speech go not alone,
As I walked into the silence was shown.

Written by:William R. Mitchell
July 1,2019

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