Silence The Noise

The noise of a thousand knives flew through the air.
The sounds intensified as they reached my ears.
The words hurt but I knew they were just words.
I could take them and leave them as I wanted.
I only asked for words when I was at my lowest;
In return I received only noise.
The blades cut my bruised knees and cursed my black eyes.
The blows flew in from all sides.
My inner peace was a plant replanted too often;
Ripped up and tilled over by others forgotten.
My garden is ruined and I know what is to blame.
The rabbits chewed the stems
The beatles ate the leaves
The children took their water and sprayed it on the bees.
The growth stopped and clouds covered the sky.
I was locked inside, looking out being forced to watch it die.
The noise stayed beside me, malevolent whispers contaminate me.
I shattered the glass that encased me,
Gently cut off my ears and threw them to the worms.
I threw my worries to the rabbits,
Put the beatles to the ivy,
And sent the children on their way.
The noise was gone, but I wasn't blind,
The world is beautiful understanding and fine.
The thunder rolled in and with such a natural grace
The noise died down, I was in my safe place.

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