Silence: Theme Song of Abuse

I speak. You never listen. My words fall on deaf ears.
I try to get your attention but you never seem to hear
For silence is the theme song of abuse
Anything important to me. It's not you
I'm getting so fustrated and I don't know what to do.
Screaming for attention, bleeding out my love
Wishing someone wanted me. My mask fits like a glove
For silence is the theme song of abuse
No one would really be able to tell that it is not really me
Only noticing the surface. Never bother looking underneath
Sometimes I really can sympathize with mimes that have to try
Acting out their feeling for people passing by.
For the mimes, their words stay silent; unheard;
Their hands, their jesters; their only words.
But the people don't understand
They only see another street performer trying hard to be
Good enough to earn a laugh, maybe a buck or two.
But what they don't know is everything. They don't have a clue
For silence is the theme song of abuse
Me and that mine are one and the same
I'm trapped in my head, he's stuck in charades
No one hears our words, keep playing their game
We'll never seem to compare to the fortune and fame
There are no second chances in reality
For silence is the theme song of abuse.

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