There is a fever in the air
And I the oppress catch the cold
Living with the black and white
Are the struggle hidden from the light

Faded, faded with all the ok’s
My lips will tell that all is well
But down the utmost place of this soul
Are stories hidden and need to be told

Pandemonium crashes the silence
And with the disturb measure
I cried but not with tears
Only a smile to subdue all my fears

One for me the other for the world
Hidden identity which hides behind
These walls of disturb behavior
Highly define and characterized with delight

The mask I wore in public places
This is behind my true self
Not many succumb to the
Understanding for emotional conduct

Come and wait and have a seat
And I will tell you why my eyes
Are wet and slippery
Why anger and gnashes my teeth when they are on edge

With the expression of a raging bull
The hair upon my skin stands firm
Like an angry dog
But these reasons not yet known

Not that i will embrace this pain
But I myself becomes a book
I would like you to read
And there you will find what has never being told

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This Poems Story

unsaid details in our minds, and the hurt we kept to our selves while smiling to the world to prove that we are OK when it's all a lie.