Silent & Anonymous

I am silent and anonymous.
I wonder where I'll be 10 years from now.
I hear voices all around me, both high and low,
none telling me where to go.

I pretend to be happy and known throughout the world,
like Ashton Kutcher or Aaron Stone.
I feel my father patting my head,
just like when I was 5, before he told me good-bye.
I touch my happy thoughts,
not that I have that much.
I worry of being alone, no one really knows.
I cry when I see sad faces, they're just in many places.
I am silent and anonymous.

I understand how people feel,
more than they really know.
I say "hello" to strangers but my legs start to feel like jello.
I dream for a utopian society,
where everyone's happpy and no one is snotty.
I try to change,
but it's hard, knowing you have to push yourself further and further apart.
I hope to see the world,
because everything's fabulous.
I am silent and anonymous.

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