Silent Cries I Strive

You cannot hear my cries I strive
To do whats right,to do whats good
Seems as though I'm misunderstood
My battle is designed to keep me down
Always feels like I'm being kicked around
I rise then fall get back up stand tall
At times I want to quit take the easy out
Look around me,I'm not the only one with doubt
War is all around me, the people are dying
I cannot stop this war with an army of one
But that will not stop me from trying
I have responsibilities, that's what I'm told
No time to think, no time to rest
Just keep going before you get too old
Stop the madness I cry
No one hears I wonder why
I know who to call on in times like these
Only he can bring the evil to its knees
Silent Cries I Strive

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