Silent Cries

You know knowledge is power
So if you can't swim then don't get into the water
Pushing yourself out on a limb
Trusting people who you think are your friends
While many hate the color of your skin
Aint nothing great about the way the world is
The place is crawling with snakes
People don't want to see you elevate
They'd rather see you catch a case
Going on trial behind pushing weight
Lord I see this taking place everyday
It's like a nightmare from which I can't awake
Picture me in the ghetto slanging rocks to get paid
Puffing on those blunts rolled and looking out for the five-O
A cursed Black child but still I have hope
In this life of pain
Spiritually crucified as my blood flows through my veins
But who am I
A precious child of God
Pressing on against all odds
Because on the strong survives
Like Noah my pen is my rod
Stating the facts of life
The division between some blacks and some whites
As I speak to the world when I recite

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