Silent Cry

In the dead of night I hear a crying sound like some thing... No someone needs to be found. As the sun rises and the moon sets, the cry hides inside my head away from peering eyes full of judgement, 'till that very next night when the house is still and it seems that I'm the only one alive. I listening eagerly waiting for the sound, wondering what it will say tonight. The cry is not like that of a baby, it's not the sound of a creaky old floorboard, nor is it the cry of someone hitting and abusing another. The cry is soft and gentle. It's a sound that you have to be absolutely silent to hear. It's the sound of a heart shattering and the cry of loneliness. It's the longing to be found and loved. It's is the cry of being hurt and abandoned so many times. The cry is one that only I can hear. The cry I listen to every night is My Silent Cry​.

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