Silent Cry

I am a man of honesty and virtue,
But, what I am about to share is very true.

My friends always say I deserve the best.
So I thought I should share this and get it off my chest.

Not to get attention or any sympathy,
It's just so that you can get an idea of the true me.

Computer nerd, gamer, and gym rat it's true,
But beyond the surface, I am beautiful through and through.

I fought for my country, risking my life again and again,
But guys look past me, because my face and body fall short of a ten.

I've lost friends in country and also in war,
But finding true love is the biggest battle I've ever fought before.

I treated my exes with love and expressed it every day,
But when the relationship evolved, they never wanted to stay.

I would give them romance, and look at them with a happy grin.
I was rewarded with mean looks, and treated like I committed a sin.

I can't offer a mansion, or a beautiful car,
But my heart and soul is more than enough to take us far.

You're beautiful, special, and I want to make you as happy as can be.
Why God, oh why, won't a special man ever say that to me?

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This Poems Story

As a gay man and combat veteran, I realize that inspiration is all around us. I also learned that emotions can be an inspiration for creativity. This poem simply expresses my emotions, along with fragments about my life experiences. My parents are my true heroes. They sacrificed so much for their two children, and did nothing but love and support us without question, and for that I will always love them.