Silent Death

Solitary unextraordinary me
Walking beneath silent skeleton trees
Who watch me with vacant eyes and empty wooden hearts
My thoughts and emotions were lost
In the passage of time and chill of frost
When I saw her
She fell slowly from the heavens
Her garments luminous and contrasting, stark
against the eternal void of dark
White like the moon on her silver throne
White like spring doves now in winter gone
A thousand years passed as she spun
As though listening to a solemn song
That causes the soul to grieve and to long
The wind gently caressed her ivory gown
As she danced around and around
Yes, a dancer, an ill-fated princess of the sky
Her stage set upon the most bitter of twilights
A passing performer with only one show
A drifting angel brought low
She is the ballerina that goes unnoticed
But whose existence transforms the world
To whom whose music is a memorizing heart aching tune
The mourning of an innocent that would relinquish life all too soon
The universe beholds in lamentation
In remorse at loss of this unique creation
To her tragic fate she is bound
She meets the earth without a sound
Her body melting into a thousand tears
Her blood reaching down in the dead grass
To a place where winter will never pass
Even for one who never took a breath
It was such a silent death

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